EastEnders‘ Alfie Moon gets an indecent proposal from the woman he tricked in Australia as his trip away comes back to haunt him.

It’s not yet known whether Alfie (Shane Richie) cheats on his pregnant partner Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) with newcomer Nicole, played by Tamsin Carroll.

Nicole made her surprise appearance in Albert Square after Alfie let her fall in love with him so he could get his hands on her money in Australia.

Even though they’ve never kissed until now, in scenes shown tonight (March 20 ), Nicole suggests to Alfie that he can keep the £15,000 if he goes through with her indecent proposal.

Kat, meanwhile, is expecting twins with Alfie.

Shane recently said of his alter-ego: “He’s done a bit of a dodgy deal which will come back to haunt him. Like anything with Kat and Alfie, there’s going to be drama. It will rock the Moon household.

“His wheeling and dealing won’t be the only source of drama as fans look forward to seeing how the couple cope with two babies.”


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