EastEnders star Shane Ritchie has promised fans of the soap that they are set to see a darker side to his loveable alter ego Alfie Moon now he has teamed up with evil Derek Branning.

Speaking to Inside Soap magazine, the actor said that the new partnership would have an effect on his character – but added that he would like to see him remain a hero.

“I think we’re going to see another side of Alfie – the dark side of the Moon!” joked Shane.

“I’d certainly like to see that, but more the kind of dark side you get with Bruce Wayne, who was secretly Batman,” he added.

“Rather than Alfie being an out-and-out baddy, it would be quite good to see a superhero outfit poking out from underneath one of his lairy shirts. I’d really like that.”

And Shane also revealed that Alfie would also have a positive effect on Derek, played by actor Jamie Foreman – and bring out his softer side.

“We’re going to see a wonderful relationship developing between them,” he said.”Derek’s set to confide in Alfie because he trusts him – even if he never actually says it. Alfie will be like a surrogate best mate.

“Derek seems to be the kind of bloke who doesn’t need any pals, but he likes Alfie.”