EastEnders: alibis revealed in the Lucy Beale murder mystery

With the hunt for Lucy Beale’s killer under way, everyone in EastEnders is trying to prove themselves innocent.

Now the BBC has released details of where some of the Albert Square residents were at the time of Lucy’s murder.

Lucy’s dad Ian, his fiancée Denise, jealous Whitney, and alcoholic Jake and others have their alibis sorted for that fateful night… But is one of them lying?

The April 18 episode saw troubled Lucy lying dead on Walford Common after receiving a text and disappearing into the night.

So where was everyone that Friday night?

Here’s what some of them have to say for themselves…

Ian Beale Grief-stricken dad Ian claims he was on his own and not feeling too good.

Ian says: “Where was I on Friday night? Restaurant, of course. I remember I had this stabbing headache.”

True or false? If he was on his own he has no one to back up his story. But Ian had just told Lucy she was his “special” child before she was murdered. Would he really have then gone and killed her?

Denise Fox She returned from a visit to daughter Libby in Oxford determined to break off her engagement to Lucy’s dad Ian.

Denise says: “Friday? I only came back from Oxford so I didn’t do much. I had my head buried in a book, I think”.

True or false? Denise did visit Libby, but she claims she was on her own for the rest of the night. With no one to back up her story, she could have been anywhere. And how often have you seen Denise with her head buried in a book?

Phil Mitchell He went to Roxy’s housewarming party, but wasn’t really in the mood to have fun.

Phil says: “Friday night? Well I popped into the party but I was dying to get home.”

True or false? Party guests could back up Phil’s story about being there, but is there anyone who can confirm he went straight home afterwards?

Mick Carter Queen Vic landlord Mick says he was tending bar all night.

Mick says: “We had a pool tournament in the Vic.”

True or false? There was a pool tournament in the Vic and Mick was there… But he would have had time to disappear for a wee while if he wanted to. But why would he have wanted to kill Lucy?

Whitney Dean She turned up in the Vic Friday night, all dressed up for Lee – only to find out that Lee wanted Lucy. She left the pub and saw Lucy on the street.

Whitney says: “I was supposed to be going to the party on Friday, but I couldn’t face it; not with her there. It would have been agony.”

True or false? Whitney wouldn’t have wanted to see Lucy and Lee together. But did she follow Lucy after she saw her on the Square?

Jake Stone He claims he’d had another drinking session and passed out. He is an alcoholic so it’s very possible.

Jake says: “I don’t remember much. I’d had a few too many so I was dead to the world.”

True or false? Who knows? Even Jake probably doesn’t know for sure, given his heavy drinking. But he was looking at Lucy in a funny way in the days leading up to her murder…

There’s just one person not mentioned or questioned… yet. And that’s Lucy’s drug dealer.

Lucy admitted to Ian she was using cocaine. But who was she getting her drugs from?

And is that who she went to meet on the night she was killed?

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