EastEnders’ Barbara: ‘I’ve known many Archies’

EastEnders star Barbara Windsor has revealed how Archie’s bullying of Peggy is based on real-life experience.

In the BBC1 soap, plucky Peggy Mitchell‘s new boyfriend Archie Mitchell (played by Larry Lamb) is psychologically abusing her, cutting her off from her friends and draining her confidence.

Barbara told the Daily Star: “They wanted Archie to be quite dark when it came to Peggy but they weren’t sure how to go about it.

“So I said he should do little things, like telling her what she should be wearing and how to have her hair.

“I’ve had men in my life that have been manipulative and controlling like that. They say things like: ‘Are you really going to wear that top?’

“And before you know it you’re wearing a top that goes right up to your chin and is not ‘you’ at all.”

But the 71-year-old actress said off-screen that she and Larry, 65, are best of friends and he is “amazing”.

Barbara said: “We’re a right couple of old fogies on set, we just sit and gossip about everything. I love it!”

Earlier this week, Larry himself revealed that he had based the character of Archie on his ‘evil’ father.

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