Could it be Alfie? Fans speculate...

EastEnders has teased that some “big news” is coming with many thinking it will be a big character returning, perhaps Alfie Moon (Shane Richie).

The BBC soap’s press team posted a message on Twitter on Monday night, telling fans: “We think you might want to keep an eye on our account… #EastEnders #BigNews.”

It accompanied a seven-second video clip of a deserted Walford East Station, suggesting somebody could be arriving in Albert Square.

Fans of the soap have started sharing their theories on social media, with many suggesting that a major former character could be heading back to Walford.

Many people have speculated that it could be Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell, although they apparently died in a pool, or Kat and Alfie Moon.

Shane Richie, last seen as Alfie in spin off Redwater, recently said: “I don’t know what’s going to happen with Alfie or Kat. If you saw the last episode of RedWater, you’ll remember that, at the end, Alfie was flatlining – thanks BBC – while Kat had been eaten by a motorboat engine or something! So… it’s up to the BBC to decide what happens to them next!”

One person posted on Twitter: “I take its a return because of the tube station hope it’s a kat and alfie,” while another begged: “Please Kat and Alfie Please Please.”

EastEnders next airs on Tuesday on BBC1.