EastEnders’ Billy ‘desperate’ to know his son

EastEnders‘ Perry Fenwick tells Soaplife that Billy will try to find the son he never knew he had… and might just find love too!

So were Julie and Billy childhood sweethearts?

“Not sweethearts exactly. They were good mates who looked out for one another in the care home.”

They obviously had sex though…

“They were both 15 when Julie got pregnant, but Billy, like everyone else in the children’s home, thought it was this carer who knocked him and the other kids about.”

And she didn’t reveal the truth?

“No and initially he’s angry with her. But when she explains it wasn’t her fault and they took the baby away from her, he shifts his anger to the authorities.”

What would Billy have done if he’d found out at the time?

“He’d have stuck around. Billy does a lot of stupid things but underneath he’s quite a noble bloke. All the mistakes he makes, he makes out of desperation.”

Now he knows, is there a chance Julie could become the new woman in his life?

“At first Billy doesn’t want her around, but then he thinks, ‘You know what? This is quite nice.’ They’re good sparring partners and get on well, but I don’t think he’s ready for romance. He’s still not over Honey. He wears his wedding ring and hopes one day she’ll come round the corner with the kids.”

What makes Billy decide he wants to find his son?

“He desperately wants to know who this son of his is so he phones the adoption agency and says he’s looking for his child who was adopted 30 years ago. It could open a real can of worms…”

What would be the dream result for Billy?

“He hopes to find a man he could be proud of. They haven’t told me exactly what’s going to happen, but I know they’re going to be really clever with this story. There’ll be lots of twists and turns…”

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