EastEnders boss: ‘It’s not going to be grief, grief, grief all the way’

Cast and crew on EastEnders broke down in tears filming the aftermath of the murder of Lucy Beale, but producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins insists the show is not becoming ‘even more depressing’.

Viewers will see the body of Lucy (Hetti Bywater) discovered in Good Friday’s EastEnders and Ian (Adam Woodyatt) and his family struggle to come to terms with her violent death next week.

Dominic said: “This is a very personal story to everyone at EastEnders. We’ve had cameramen who’ve been there for 25 years sobbing behind the cameras as we’ve been recording and everyone’s brought their own little piece of grief to the show.”

He added: “As I said before it’s a way of exploring all these amazing characters we’ve got to play with. It’s not going to dominate the show, its not going to be grief, grief, grief all the way.

“There’s other little threads to follow, I don’t want people to think EastEnders is going to be even more depressing.”

Laurie Brett, who plays Ian Beale’s ex-wife Jane, said the cast had shed tears as well.

She said: “We couldn’t read the scripts without crying to begin with, just because as Dominic said it is so truthful, it’s about a family and this happens to this family and death of a young person anywhere, however it happens, it’s always much more of a shock I think and extracts much more grief than someone who has lived their life and had their time.”

Adam said the grief seen in the first few episodes is ‘almost like the tip of the iceberg’.

He said: “The grief continues. We’ve just been filming the funeral the last couple of weeks and that’s as traumatic as that one. The grief is there.”


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