EastEnders’ Carly Wicks is going to get some love action soon… and about time, says Kellie Shirley!

Carly’s long-forgotten husband Nico pops up again. What happens?
“He files for a divorce. He hasn’t been in touch at all since she first arrived in Walford – not even a text message – until now.”

How does she feel about him?
“She feels a bit sad that Nico never fought to win her back. When she tied the knot with him she really thought it was going to work. Now here she is only 22 and about to get divorced.”

Why did the marriage go wrong?
“His family didn’t like Carly at all. Nico’s mother called her barren because she hadn’t produced a child.”

Is Nico the reason her love life in Walford has been non-existent?
“Not really. She hasn’t thought about Nico that much so I don’t think she’s been nursing a broken heart. Maybe Carly and love is just a disaster zone… Apart from a one-night fling with Jake and a short relationship with Martin there’s not been so much as a kiss!”

Where do you think she’s going wrong?
“Well, the clothes she wears don’t help! I also think she is lacking in confidence – she doesn’t really make the most of herself and put herself out there. And then there’s all her family crises.”

Does the divorce spur her into action?
“It does a bit. It makes her realise she wants some love and some nice sex.”

And a new husband?
“No, I think she’s off the idea of marriage. She doesn’t want to settle down and have babies. What she needs is some fun.”

Is there anyone in the Square who could help her have some?
“The Square isn’t exactly overflowing with single guys right now. Bradley’s nice but he’s still in love with Stacey. And that pretty much just leaves Sean. She does have this fiery banter with Sean but, basically, she thinks he’s a twat.

He’s pretty cute though and at least he seems a bit interested in her…
“Possibly. There is definitely some sort of sexual attraction there. I think he likes her because it’s refreshing to be with a girl who’s not a walkover… Chelsea is a bit thick! Carly enjoys the banter with him but boyfriend potential? He’d have to do something to change her opinion of him first.”

Would she ever go for a married man like Dawn and Stace have done?
“I don’t think so. She’s quite an honest person who likes to do the decent thing. Seeing a married man would put her in the same league as her mum and she wouldn’t like that at all.”

What sort of man does she want?
“Someone who will treat her like a princess and bring out the sexy little minx in her!”

And might he show up soon?
“He’s actually already there and things are going to hot up soon… I just hope it lasts longer than Jake did!”