EastEnders cast reveal struggle to get each other’s names right (VIDEO)

Spare a thought for the cast of EastEnders – there have been so many comings and goings the actors are struggling with each other’s names.

Danny Dyer said he was so nervous about joining the soap he was worried he would call his new colleagues by their on-screen names.

The cockney star, who joined EastEnders on Christmas Day as Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter, says on tomorrow’s The Jonathan Ross Show: “I can’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed by it. You’re brought up watching it and all of a suddenly you are there. The other thing you worry about is calling her Dot or calling him Phil. It’s weird because I was talking to Shane Richie and he called me Mick. I thought f*** that, I’ve been trying everything in my power not to call him Alfie and he Micked me off.”

The name game’s not only difficult for Danny, but Hetti Bywater (Lucy Beale) told What’s on TV: “I tend to write a list of names when a lot of new people come in and ‘Right, it’s that person.'”

Co-star Ben Hardy (Peter Beale) added: “Sometimes accidentally [you forget their names] and then correct yourself and go ‘Oh god, sorry!’ Everyone does it, it’s fine…”

Watch an interview with Ben Hardy and Hetti Bywater:


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