EastEndersCharlie Brooks tells Soaplife that Janine will do pretty much anything to get out of prison!

How does Janine feel as she stands trial for murder?

“Her emotions are all over the place, but her main focus is on getting out and seeing Scarlett again. Janine is tough, but she knows it is going to be hard to watch people give evidence against her, especially her stepbrother, David. He betrayed her and now she is going to have to sit and watch him do it all over again.”

Her deal with Kat is that she’ll retract her statement about Stacey stabbing her if Kat lies about Michael’s murder. Will Janine stick to the deal?

“You never know with Janine. She is not to be trusted, but perhaps prison has changed her. You’ll have to wait and see. Janine is not that bothered about helping Stacey – she is still looking out for number one.”

Alice is also on trial for Michael’s murder. Why isn’t she in court, too?

“The judge informs everyone that Alice won’t be present and is being represented by her barrister. It makes it easier for Janine to go along with her lie if Alice isn’t there reminding her of the truth.”

Is Janine confident that she’ll walk free?

“Janine will fight tooth and nail to stay out of prison and won’t even consider that she might be found guilty. If she is, it will knock her for six. She’s used to getting away with things.”

What’s the first thing you would expect her to do if she gets off?

“She will try to rebuild a life with Scarlett before causing some new mischief. I would like her to get away with it because I think deep down she’s a good person. She did only kill Michael in self-defence, after all.”

Was it nice coming back to wrap up the story?

“Definitely. It’s good to bring the storyline to a conclusion and I think the viewers will enjoy the ending, it’s definitely dramatic!”