EastEnders’ Charlie Brooks: ‘Janine can’t believe David’s betrayal’

EastEnders’ Charlie Brooks tells Soaplife that Janine may be down, but she’s not out… not yet! She has a killer plan for dealing with her blackmailer, David.

How much does David want to keep quiet about Janine killing Michael?
“The £250,000 she’s managed to find to buy the pub from Phil! She’s so excited about buying the Vic and has sold everything she owns to raise the money. She can’t believe it when David reveals he recorded her confession about killing Michael on his phone and will go public with it unless she gives him all her money.”
What’s her reaction?
“Shock, horror and total betrayal. Janine pleads with David not to do this and tries to change his mind, but when that doesn’t work, she goes on a rampage trying to find his phone. But she can’t.”

So she decides to get rid of him?
“She tells Billy that David’s threatening her and Scarlett – although she doesn’t say why – and that she’s really scared. Janine turns to Billy because she thinks he’ll do anything for her.”

Even kill David?
“There’s a point at which Billy will stop and go no further, and that’s shown in these Christmas episodes – so Janine’s forced to go it alone.”

What happens?
“She texts David on Christmas Night and arranges to meet him. He thinks she’s going to give him the money. David’s waiting outside Butcher’s Joints for her, but there’s no sign. Suddenly a car appears and mows him down. Janine is behind the wheel.”

Is David dead?
“Maybe…maybe not!”

Is this the end for Janine?
“Not yet. The Christmas scenes aren’t my exit scenes. There are more to come…”