EastEnders’ Charlie: ‘Darren cheats and runs!’

EastEnders‘ Charlie G Hawkins talks to Soaplife about Darren’s fast exit from Albert Square on his wedding day – without Jodie!

The cost of the latest Albert Square wedding has virtually ruined Vanessa, but that’s of no concern to Darren, who calls the whole thing off after a one night stand with Lauren and leaves Walford! Soaplife chatted to Charlie about Darren’s exit.

Why does Darren sleep with Lauren?

“He thinks that Jodie has had a fling with Anthony and he gets drunk and, well, one thing leads to another.”

How does he feel the next day?

“Terribly guilty. They both wake up at the car lot and are disgusted with each other. He wants to get married still, but he can’t see a way forward.”

So he jilts Jodie and runs?

“There’s a showdown between Vanessa and Darren. She knows he slept with Lauren and puts the frighteners on him. He just doesn’t need that there and then. He decides that after what he has done, he can’t face people and the embarrassment.”

Does he still love Jodie?

“He does and he always will. It turns out that she knows all along about Lauren, but still wants to marry him. That makes him feel worse because he realises she is a better person than him. Sometimes when you love somebody so much, you have to let them go.”

Where does he go?

“I don’t know! He just gets in his car and drives off.”

What about George?

“There’s a goodbye with Heather and George. He gives her some money and says he will stay in contact.”

Why have you left the show?

“I was 12 when I started and I’ve been on the show for eight years and decided it was time for fresh challenges. I want to experience as much as I can. Meet new people and do new things.”

Would you do Strictly or I’m A Celebrity if they asked?

“No. I wouldn’t do any of those shows because I want to be an actor, not a celebrity or a reality TV star.”

Has the door been left open for you?

“I don’t think the door is ever shut – Den died and he came back!”

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