EastEnders’ Charlie: Darren & Jodie mightn’t last

EastEnders’ Charlie G Hawkins tells Soaplife looking after baby George full time is too much for Darren.

Has looking after George changed Darren?

“Yes, he’s had to grow up fast. He doesn’t feel ready to be a dad as it’s a big responsibility, but he is adjusting to it and doing his best.”

Does he realise Heather is distraught at not having George?

“Yes and he feels bad about it because he likes Heather, but he hasn’t done it to hurt her. He is trying to do what is best for his son. He took George because he could see that Heather couldn’t even provide for herself, let alone their son.”

Does he think Heather’s a bad mum?

“No, he knows she’s a good mum.”

Has he got any idea that Jodie doesn’t feel the same way about having George in their lives as he does?

“Yes and he’s a bit disappointed because he thought it was what they both wanted. But deep down, he knows it’s hard for her to take on the responsibility.”

Has he considered that George could come between them?

“Not until it’s too late! When he tells Jodie he’s going to get a residence order so that George can live with them permanently, she ends the relationship. It’s a bit of a shock for Darren.”

Tell us about George’s accident?

“Darren leaves George with Jodie and he burns himself on some curling tongs in the salon. Darren is gutted and thinks it’s partly Jodie’s fault. However, he blames himself too because he keeps asking other people to take care of George for him.”

Why does Darren give George back to Heather?

“When George gets burned, Darren realises that he would be better off with Heather. Also Patrick has a word with him and tells him that George needs two parents. He realises that it’s best for his son if him and Heather do things jointly from now on without any arguments.”

How will the arrangement work?

“Heather can have George during the day and Darren can have him in the evenings. He knows that Heather can dedicate more time to him than he can.”

How does he feel when Jodie then says she will take him back?

“He’s pleased. He loves her. He never wanted to have to choose between George and Jodie because he would always choose his son. He knows it wouldn’t be fair to ask Jodie to stop living her life to look after George.”

Will the relationship with Jodie last?

“I’m not sure. At the moment they are good together, but they might want different things later in life.”

What does Darren want for the future?

“A good relationship with his son and to take over the Vic and the whole of Walford. He’d like to build his own empire.”

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