EastEnders Charlie reveals Janine’s baby blues

EastEnders‘ Charlie Brooks tells Soaplife how Janine is praying for her baby girl to live – and for Michael to stay by her side…

How does Janine feel, watching her baby fighting for her life?

“Confused, scared and all over the place really. She’s struggling. With babies as premature as her’s, it’s touch and go. Janine just wants to take her home and be her mum. She feels helpless because there’s nothing she can do to make the baby better. The doctors can’t tell Janine if the baby is going to live, or if she is going to have problems caused by her premature birth. They can’t predict what the outcome will be.”

Is Michael offering her the support she needs?

“In the early stages, yes, but the situation freaks him out and gradually he pulls away. There’s another couple in the unit and the dad is there all the time. Janine gets cross and has a go at Michael because he isn’t. She’s worried that he’s going to take all her money and run.”

Does Janine feel a maternal bond with her baby?

“Oh yes. She spends her whole time next to her incubator. She’s a total wreck and feels like running away, too, at times, but she knows she can’t. She is all that her daughter has got and she’s terrified her baby will die.”

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