EastEnders Cheryl wants camel wedding like Heather

Cheryl Fergison has revealed her real-life dream wedding would include camels and a tent – much like her EastEnders character Heather Trott.

The 46-year-old actress, who recently got engaged to Moroccan jeweller Yassine Al-Jermoni, hasn’t set a date for the big day yet but has already thought about what she would like.

“My dream wedding would be the same as Heather’s probably – a few camels and a tent!” she told Woman’s Own.

Cheryl has no plans to be a bridezilla, adding: “I would rather just turn up and pray I hadn’t woken up with curly hair, hope he is where he is meant to be and just do it.”

She said her co-stars Linda Henry (Shirley) and Steve McFadden (Phil) have been supportive of her long-distance romance.

“Madam (Linda) has been hugely supportive. She was the one I told first,” she continued.

“Linda noticed I wasn’t myself at work, not eating and losing weight, so I told her I’d met this bloke and I didn’t know what to do. Linda said she could tell this was something different and she encouraged me all the way. They have chatted a few times on the webcam.”

Cheryl added: “Steve has been supportive too, but he’s a bit more wary, like a brother would be, and Linda reassures him Yassine’s alright.”