EastEnders: Christian LOVES Syed!

EastEnders‘ actor John Partridge says that Christian’s love for Syed is the real deal…

Why won’t Christian give up on Syed?

“Because he has real feelings for him and is sure he feels the same. This is not casual sex. It goes much deeper. Christian’s a commitment-phobe, but he’s finally met somebody special. It’s probably the first time he’s felt like this.”

Why does he go to the engagement party?

“Christian goes along hoping against hope that Syed won’t go through with it. He’s hurt Syed is doing this. He can relate to Syed as it’s hard for any gay man to come out. But he knows Syed can’t change the person he is. He’s gay and that will come out whatever he pretends. The hypocrisy of it all sickens Christian.”

Might Christian out Syed at the party?

“If Christian didn’t care for Syed he’d be shouting the truth from the rooftops. But he does care which is why he hasn’t told anyone.”

And why he can’t stay at the party?

“He can’t stomach Syed’s happy couple act, so he goes to The Vic and gets chatting to a guy called Luke who flirts with him. They end up going back to Christian’s flat and Christian tells Luke about Syed and how he’s denying his sexuality.”

What happens?

“Suddenly Luke’s mood darkens and he goes into a verbal tirade about how homosexuality infects good people then he kicks seven bells out of Christian and leaves him for dead.”

How does Syed react when he sees the injuries?

“He’s horrified and when Christian tells him the only reason he went with the bloke who beat him up was because of Syed’s denial, Syed can’t pretend not to care any longer. They share an intense moment and Syed urges Christian to go to the police. But when Christian asks Syed if he’s going to kiss his bruises better he storms out saying: ‘You just don’t listen do you?'”

Does Syed go to the police station with him?

“Yes and then they go home together.”

How do you feel about this storyline?

“I’m thrilled this storyline is being done. People fall in love in impossible circumstances all the time. Why are Christian and Syed any different?”