EastEnders’ Christmas storylines revealed!

This year’s EastEnders Christmas is shaping up to be a dramatic one, as details of the festive storylines are revealed. With a killer on the loose and a brand new family it’s going to be big day in Walford! 

The climax of murderous Janine’s attempts to frame Alice for the death of Michael Moon will see her desperately trying to keep the secret of how he died under wraps. 

With Charlie Brooks confirmed to be leaving the show, just how Janine will depart the Square is unknown. As the net draws in on Janine, and having shown no mercy for Michael, will Janine kill again in order to save herself from prison?  Or will justice prevail and will she end Christmas Day locked up for her bloody crime? 

Meanwhile, The Queen Vic welcomes a new landlord in the form of Mick Carter – Shirley’s estranged brother. Played by Danny Dyer, Mick’s joined by his wife Linda (Kellie Bright) and their two kids, 19-year-old Johnny and 21-year-old Nancy. 

‘You’ll be surprised,’ Danny says about his new role. ‘Mick is a lovely fella. He is a family man and not a villain.”

Of the family’s big arrival in Walford, Danny has teased that they won’t be coming in quietly through the back door…

‘I can’t ask for anything more,’ he says. ‘If I come in, I want to come in. It’s flawless, but it’s not going to be what you expect.’

The family quickly find their feet behind the bar of the famous boozer but, in typical EastEnders fashion, they are soon confronted with a few surprises that will change their family forever…


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