EastEnders‘ Danielle Harold explains to Soaplife how Phil sabotages Lola’s custody hearing for Lexi, causing Lola to take drastic action…

Lola’s been on her best behaviour. She’s tried her hardest to keep on the right side of Phil and now the hearing over Lexi’s future is coming up and she’s really hoping things will go her way. Only they don’t. “Lola’s convinced Lexi is destined to end up in care,’ Danielle tells Soaplife magazine. And desperate times call for desperate measures…

Has Lola planned what she’s going to say to the judge at the hearing?
“She doesn’t plan to say anything, but makes a last-minute decision to speak up for herself in court, even though her solicitor doesn’t want her to. Lola tells the judge she’s starting college and has a job and can provide for Lexi now. She speaks passionately about how much she loves Lexi and says she will do whatever it takes to be a proper mum to her baby.”

But just as it looks as if the case is going her way, Phil ruins her chances…
“It’s Phil’s solicitor, acting on Phil’s instructions. He stands up and says something. It’s a deliberate act on Phil’s part. Phil doesn’t do anything himself… It’s the looks he gives while this is all going on that give it away. “

How does Lola feel when she realises that Phil has tricked her?
“She’s really angry because from the start she’s trusted Phil, even when everyone was telling her not to. She’s devastated. She also loses her temper a bit and that makes it look as if the things Phil’s saying about her are true.”

So she panics and snatches Lexi?
“She overhears Phil telling Billy that she’ll never get Lexi back. She sees Lexi in her pram and instinctively takes her. She has no money and doesn’t know where she’ll go, but she’s desperate. She’s just thinking, ‘I need to leave Walford and get away from Phil…'”