EastEnders’ Danielle: ‘Sharon blackmails Lola!’

Danielle Harold tells Soaplife that Lola knows keeping Sharon’s drugs secret could put baby Lexi in danger, but Sharon gives her no choice in EastEnders!

So, how does Lola discover Sharon’s addiction to painkillers?
“Everyone is at Billy’s birthday party in The Vic, but Sharon tells Lola that she’s tired and is taking Lexi home to put her to bed. Lola has no idea she’s been mixing painkillers with booze, but she has noticed Sharon’s acting a bit strange so she’s concerned and follows her back to the house. She finds Lexi in the kitchen, alone in her pram – and she finds Sharon unconscious on the bathroom floor! She has no idea what’s happened and tries to bring her round. Sharon wakes up and Lola takes her downstairs and tells her she has to go to hospital, but Sharon refuses.”

Does Sharon admit she’s taken too many painkillers?
“No, but Lola finds out when she finds Sharon’s handbag with the pills all spilling out. Lola asks her what the pills are for, but Sharon is really cagey.”

And then Sharon gets nasty when Lola says she’s calling Phil…
“She threatens Lola, saying that if she tells Phil, it might result in Lexi going back into care because Sharon is named on her care plan. She’s basically blackmailing Lola to keep her secret.”

What does Lola do?
“She realises that she has no choice but to do as Sharon says!”

Does she realise that not telling might put Lexi in danger?
“Of course! She doesn’t like the idea of Lexi being in the house when there are pills around or even with Sharon. She knows she’s going to have to be on her guard but, thankfully, she’s getting on better with Phil now so it won’t look strange if she keeps going over to the house.”

Surely Lola must realise that Phil will be furious if he finds out that she’s hiding Sharon’s addiction?
“Lola knows she’s just storing up trouble for the future. But all she can think about is the hearing over Lexi’s future care plan. It’s only a few weeks away and she just wants to keep things quiet so that she can get Lexi back.”

What’s in store for Lola?
“Lots of drama! She’s not in for an easy ride any time soon, that’s for sure.”