Walford lad Lee Carter is set to have a very traumatic time in EastEnders this summer.

We’ve seen the former soldier with a few anger issues before, although he seems happy enough with his girlfriend Whitney Dean. But Lee’s about to enter a darker place when his life spirals out of control when he becomes ill with a depression he can’t seem to escape…

Danny-Boy Hatchard spoke to What’s On TV on the set of EastEnders recently and revealed what happens to Lee in the next few months.

“A lot of young men are in denial about depression – although deep down they know something’s wrong there’s definitely a denial in them,” explains Danny-Boy, who’s 23 and from the East End himself.

“I think Lee believes he’s OK and that it’s something he can get hold of, but he doesn’t want to lose his masculinity by opening up and wearing his heart on his sleeve. That’s why Whitney will become a very good anchor for him – I think she’s knows something is going on. “

Danny-Boy continued: “Lee’s always wanted a relationship like his mum and dad, Linda and Mick. But to have that he knows he has to confide in Whitney. She does push and push and because she’s persistent he eventually gives in and lets Whitney know how he’s feeling.

“He only gives away so much to Whitney, however and, like the audience over time, Whitney will begin to discover more and more layers to Lee and that’s why this story will escalate and will go on for a while…”