EastEnders’ Danny Dyer: ‘There’s a Den and Angie feel to Mick and Linda’

Danny Dyer tells Soaplife why he believes Mick and Linda Carter could be the new Den and Angie as they prepare to take over the Vic in EastEnders this Christmas…

So where has Mick come from?
“He and his wife, Linda, have been running a pub in Watford. This is the first pub they’ve owned together and it’s something they’ve been working towards their whole lives.”

Why the move?
“Danny’s sisters Shirley and Tina are both living there now. Mick has been out of his sisters’ lives for too long and this is his call to bring the family together. He has missed them terribly.”

Why hasn’t Mick seen much of Shirley and Tina?
“I can’t give away too much but, basically, they didn’t grow up together.”

What can you tell us about Linda and Mick?
“Mick’s a family man. He’s a grafter and someone who loves his wife and kids. It is an alpha male role, but not in an obvious way. Their relationship is very old school – they’ve probably been going out since they were teenagers. There’s definitely a Den and Angie feel to their relationship.”

What about their kids?
“They’ve got Johnny and their daughter Nancy, who’s 21 and engaged to a guy called Wayne and Mick doesn’t think he’s good enough. She’s young and we know that he’s totally wrong for her.”

Will being in Walford test Mick’s marriage?
“I have no idea. You don’t know what’s going to happen here until you get the big brown envelope with the script in it.”