EastEnders’ David: ‘Joey’s got a dark side’

EastEnders‘ David Witts reveals to Soaplife that Joey is more like his dad, Derek, than he’d ever admit – and that’s not a good thing!

Derek’s estranged and hunky son Joey is in town and – unlike his little sister Alice – he’s got his dad sussed. His plan is to reveal the real Derek to Alice then take her back home, but Alice isn’t budging, so neither is Joey. “As the weeks go by I think there will be more reasons for him to stay,” says 20-year-old newcomer David.

Joey’s not a fan of Derek’s then?

“Derek left when Joey was seven and Alice was a baby and Joey’s been like a father figure to her. He’s very protective of her and isn’t happy about her wanting a relationship with Derek. Alice doesn’t know Derek, but Joey does. He knows he’s every bit as bad as people are making out.”

But Alice wants him to get to know Derek…

“And he’s not interested. However, Derek wants to get to know Joey and tries very hard. For the time being, though, Joey doesn’t want to know.”

So why does he agree to meet Derek and then let him down?

“He tells Alice that he’s going to give his dad a taste of his own medicine by not showing up.”

So Joey’s a chip off the old block?

“There are parallels although Joey wouldn’t want to admit to that. He likes to think that he’s very moral, but he is in fact a compulsive liar. He’s also been billed as a bit of a Lothario. He’s interesting because he has this paternal and protective streak, but he also has a dark side.”

Will that be coming out soon?

“Well, things with Derek will develop and Joey might work his way through the women of Walford… What’s interesting about Joey is that he’s a different person depending on who he’s with. He can be very charming, but he’ll lie to get people to do the things he wants them to do.”

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