EastEnders’ Deano back to cause havoc

EastEnders fans will be pleased to hear that Matt Di Angelo will be making a return to the soap.

But Matt, who recently wowed the nation with his sexy moves in Strictly Come Dancing, is only back for a short time before disappearing from Albert Square for good.

Matt’s alter ego, Deano Wicks, comes back to Walford next month, after doing his time in jail – but life on the inside has left him a changed man and he’s on the lookout for trouble.

Deano’s mum Shirley (Linda Henry) is delighted that her son is out of prison, and sets about organising a surprise party to celebrate.

But Deano’s in no mood to party and, while she’s out, he ransacks her flat looking for cash.

He orders a call girl round to the abode, and just as he’s about to have some much-needed fun, his mum walks in.

Shirley’s disgusted, but worse is to come as her son demands she pays for the prostitute.

An insider said: “It’s shocking behaviour from Deano, who’s become extremely aggressive since he’s been locked up.

“He’s not interested in catching up with Shirley – he just wants money. Getting her to pay the hooker is the final nail through her heart.

“She’s devastated but he couldn’t care less.”

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