EastEnders spin-off E20 is giving fans a sneak preview of the new series on Twitter.

The second series, about young people living in East End, doesn’t start until September 7 but characters Fatboy and Naz and new characters Stevie, played by Amanda Fairbank-Hynes and her boyfriend Olly, played by Joshua McGuire, have all recently joined the social networking site.

The characters have been tweeting updates about their life, revealing what the new characters are like and hinting what could be in store for them when the series airs on www.bbc.co.uk/eastenders/e20 and BBC Three.

Fatboy’s Twitter name is @manlikefatboy, Naz is @badgal_naz optimistic Stevie is @Stevie4Olly and Olly is @OllyManHall.

Stevie’s tweets reveal she’s been travelling to Thailand and would love to go back there, but spends most of her time waiting hand and food on her rave- and bike-loving boyfriend.

She tweeted: “Putting some flowers outside to brighten up the flat and everyone else’s day!”, but then later added: “Somebody ripped up all my flowers and broke my plant pots. What kind of world are we living in. It’s awful. What kind of place is this?”

Meanwhile, Olly’s words of wisdom include: “Love having Stevie around – clean clothes, made bed and food on the table! What a woman’s for!”

Naz tweeted this week: “School holidays are soo boring. Especially when you work in a kebab shop. Ain’t never gonna get the stink of lamb kofta out my hair”.

And Fatboy is trying to get Kanye West to choose him to follow, instead of some bloke from Coventry.

He wrote: “@kanyewest Bruv show me some love. Follow da Fatboy”.

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