EastEnders fans are LOVING this moment from last night – did you see it?

Last night's trip to Walford has left EastEnders fans taking to social media for one very special reason...

Last night’s EastEnders revisited Jean Slater and Shirley Carter’s friendship once again, and fans were thrilled.

With Jean now living in The Vic after Shirley invited her to stay there while she undergoes cancer treatment, the pair’s friendship has been going from strength-to-strength.

In fact, Shirley is so desperately to help her friend in need that she’s even sleeping on the sofa so that Jean can have her bed.

But Linda wasn’t happy to come home and find Shirley had moved Jean in, and spent most of Tuesday night’s episode snapping at them both.

As Linda tried to make a point that Shirley had spent the night on an uncomfortable sofa thanks to Jean being around, Shirley wouldn’t have a bad word said about her friend.

Hitting back, Shirley told Linda: “Jean is my mate, and as far as I’m concerned, she can have my bed for as long as she needs it”.

But while Linda might not be enjoying Jean and Shirley’s friendship, fans are loving it, and are thrilled that EastEnders writers are giving the pair more screen time…

At the end of yesterday’s episode, Jean even cooked the Carters her famous Sausage Surprise as a way of saying thank you for having her to stay.

But Linda wasn’t happy about having her in the kitchen and ended up shouting at her to get out.

But as Linda told Shirley to get rid of Jean, otherwise she would, Shirley pointed out that the Linda that she knew and loved would usually be desperate to help someone in need.

EastEnders Jean Slater and Shirley Carter in the E20

Fans are thrilled that Jean and Shirley have been getting a lot more screen time together…

Guessing that Jean’s cervical cancer diagnosis was a stark reminder of Linda’s own battle with the illness a few years back, Shirley told Linda that she understood why having Jean under the same roof was hard.

Linda refused to talk about the issue and shut Shirley down…. but will she soon soften and left Jean stay?

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Picture credits: BBC / Jack Barnes