EastEnders boss Bryan Kirkwood has said the soap is planning a “good week of episodes” to coincide with Coronation Street‘s 50th anniversary storyline.

The rival soap is celebrating its milestone birthday on December 9 with plans including a live episode and a much-publicised tram crash in Weatherfield which is expected to kill off key characters.

However Kirkwood told This Morning that EastEnders had been planned well in advance and would be doing their best to keep viewers interested.

“We plan up to nine months in advance with storylines,” he said. “Some of our long-term storylines are two or three years in the future. We knew Corrie’s 50th was happening in the first week of December so we’ve got a good week of episodes.

“There are no explosions, no trams, but I’m really happy with the material we’ve got,” Kirkwood added.

And he wished Coronation Street good luck with its forthcoming anniversary episodes.

“It’s a great show,” he said. “They’ve embarked on a live episode. When I see pictures of their tram crash I feel more than a little bit jealous – they’ve got a huge stunt on the way. But I’m sure they’ll do it brilliantly.”

Kirkwood added that EastEnders would shortly be moving into HD format, and that the sets on the soap had been refurbished as a result.

“They’re all gleaming and shiny and new,” he said. “We’ll hopefully be able to announce a date for HD quite soon.”