EastEnders: Heather or Hazel? Minty decides…

Minty’s got his hands full with Heather and Hazel, but who will he choose? Actor Cliff Parisi talks us through his difficult dilemma…

Is Minty really so desperate to win a silly competition that he’ll marry Heather?

“The whole thing’s a real mess and has brought Minty no end of headaches. Ever since Hazel left him he’s been going along with a fake wedding to a woman he doesn’t love for what – a couple of grand? Basically he’s been bamboozled into the whole thing. He should have been stronger and backed out earlier.”

But Minty knows Heather has feelings for him… isn’t that just cruel?

“In a way it’s just the opposite. Minty knows Heather’s desperate to be a bride for the day even though they aren’t a couple and he doesn’t want to hurt her. He does suspect she may be quite keen on him but has no idea how deep her feelings run.”

Is he still in love with Hazel?

“Hazel’s the woman he wants to marry but he’d given up on her. When she comes back and proposes to him he is torn. He loves her but she tells him she wants him to leave Walford and travel the world with her and he panics.”

Surely that would be a dream come true…

“I think he’s crazy. A bloke of his age should grab the opportunity to see the world with a woman he loves but Minty doesn’t want change. He thinks his heart belongs in Walford.”

So, is that why he proposes to Heather?

“He’s not in love with Heather but she’s his soul buddy. When Dot tells him that Heather’s in love with him he decides they should give it a go. They’ve got a really good friendship and he thinks that’s enough.”

Wouldn’t it be better just to call the whole wedding thing off?

“He wants to make Heather happy. It’s not about the money any more it’s about what she wants. But, basically, I think he’s just too scared to choose Hazel.”

So does Minty actually go through with the wedding?

“Garry reckons he should do a runner and there is someone else who’s determined to stop the wedding but I’m not saying who. Certainly Minty and Heather turn up in fantastic style. They arrive in this huge convertible Cadillac and are togged up in all their Western kit.”

Sounds like an interesting sight…

“The writers have done a brilliant job – it’s very funny, then there’s drama and emotion too.”

And does Heather get her happy ending?

“Not quite… I don’t think Minty and Heather are really ready to be man and wife because he doesn’t fancy her.”

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