EastEnders’ Hetti Bywater: ‘It’s not so much about Lucy’s death, but what happens after’

EastEndersHetti Bywater talks to Soaplife about Lucy’s murder…

Nothing’s straightforward in Lucy’s life and right now she’s involved with both Max and Lee while trying to get her fledgling business off the ground. “Lucy’s having all these troubles, but she’s trying to build her life back up and get her stuff together,” Hetti tells Soaplife. “She’s going to start a new chapter, and that’s when it all goes wrong.” So wrong she ends up dead!

What’s going on with Lucy and Max?
“Lucy’s having a bit of a breakdown. Nothing is certain in her head. She has a lot of problems with her dad Ian and it feels as if he’s not supporting her, so in a twisted way, it is almost as if Max is giving her that fatherly support. It’s also about the excitement. I don’t think she really knows what her emotions are. The excitement goes when the guilt comes.”

Why is she having a thing with Lee, too?
“Lucy feels everyone in her life lies to her and can’t be trusted. She’s not getting on with anybody and then Lee comes along and he’s a little bit cheeky and very confident and not afraid to tell her how it is.”

How does she feel when she finds him kissing Whitney?
“She asks him about it and he makes a joke about it and tells her straight. She likes that. His honesty is refreshing and almost endearing.”

And then there’s her mysterious secret that Cindy’s found out… does Lucy trust her?
“I don’t think Lucy trusts her totally, but she hopes that Cindy would be almost afraid to tell anyone her secret and wouldn’t cross Lucy.”

What is her relationship with Ian like?
“It’s complicated. They have a heart to heart and she’s being so harsh to begin with, but as soon as she breaks down, her dad does exactly the same. It’s love-hate.”

Ian tells her she’s his favourite… Is she happy about that?
“No, because Peter hears. He’s her twin and they always say that they share the same emotions. It’s not so much the fact that Ian has said that, it’s that he would say he has a favourite. That’s just sad.”

Everything happening is building to Lucy’s death… Do you know who kills her?
“No. I thought I had it sussed out in my head, but after talking to everyone else in the cast, I’m not sure any more. Everyone at work is having little bets and coming up with their own theories.”

How do you feel about being killed off?
“It’s great to be part of such a big storyline. The focus is not so much about the death, it’s going to be about afterwards. The implications of it and everyone’s journey.”

What are your plans now you’ve left EastEnders?
“No singing! I wouldn’t mind doing a serious play. If I lived in a dream world I’d do a period drama – I love period drama. I’d also love to do something gritty.”


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