EastEnders’ Himesh cried real tears over Afia exit

EastEnders star Himesh Patel has revealed he cried real tears over his character Tamwar Masood’s break-up with wife Afia.

The 21-year-old actor told Inside Soap magazine he and Meryl Fernandes, who plays Afia, have become best friends, so when it was revealed she was leaving EastEnders, as Afia tells Tamwar she can’t live in Albert Square because she wants to travel the world, he was devastated.

Himesh said: “We got the scene rescheduled so it was the very last one Meryl and I filmed together. We knew it would be emotional, and we wanted to use that. When you see it, those are real tears I’m crying! But we’re really proud of it – Afia is sent off in style.”

He added: “Meryl’s one of the best friends I’ve ever made.

“She’s already keeping an eye on me, making sure I’m OK. I’m really lucky to have worked with her.”

But the actor still has hopes that Afia will return to EastEnders one day.

Himesh said: “Tamwar and Afia were made for each other and I wanted them to stay together for ever.

“As a couple, they were unique. Nobody thought Tamwar would ever find anyone, but he and Afia had a real kookiness together. The door has been left open, though, so there might be a chance for Afia to come back at some point. I really hope she will!”