EastEnders: Ian decides to protect Bobby’s murderous secret in live episode

Following the revelation that young Bobby Beale had bumped off Lucy, there were more shock twists and turns in last night’s fully live episode of EastEnders

The episode marked the end of a week of semi-live episode to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the soap.

The episode picked up from the end of Thursday night’s episode with Ian demanding answers from Jane, after he worked out that she had something to do with the death of his daughter, Lucy.

In the meantime, viewers had discovered that it was young Bobby Beale who bumped off his sister by clunking her over the head with her jewellery box!

At first, Jane tried to take the blame for the murder when Ian, who she had just remarried, confronted her. But as he quizzed her about what happened, something didn’t quite add up for Ian. As Jane insisted that she had killed Lucy, Ian soon realised she was covering up for someone.

Meanwhile, Peter and Cindy had come home to find Ian and Jane in the middle of an argument. Ian told Peter and Cindy that Jane said she killed Lucy, but as she made up a story about what had happened, Ian could tell it was all lies, especially when he discovered that DC Emma Summerhayes had worked out the case but hadn’t reported it.
‘What aren’t you telling me?’ he said to his wife.

It soon dawns on him that Jane has been covering for Bobby.

‘He called his mum,’ said Ian. ‘He did something bad and he phoned you for help.’

‘The door was open, she was lying there,’ cried Jane, ‘I thought it was joke. I checked her breathing, there was nothing. He said she started it, but he didn’t seem to know she was dead. He hit her with a box.’

‘He’s a 10-year old boy, why did he do such a thing,’ Ian laments.

‘He said he heard the arguing that night, he couldn’t sleep,’ continued Jane. ‘He said she was writing something, he wanted her to stop causing trouble. He picked up the box, she fell, he couldn’t wake her, he said he tried all on his own and that’s when he called me’. 

Ian then heard Jane reveal how she told her son that Lucy was fine before sending him upstairs to bed. She later told the youngster that Lucy had gone out later and had been murdered by someone else. So Bobby has no idea that he accidentally murdered his elder sibling!

Jane said that she hadn’t told her son what he had done because it would ruin his life. ‘He’s eleven years old!’ she reminded her family.

Ian agreed that they should continue to cover up the murder, but Peter refused to be a part of it and stormed out of the house.

After Cindy read out the note that Lucy had been writing just before her brother hit her, a heartbroken Ian decided they should draw a line under what had happened before hugging Jane, Cindy and Bobby.


But the question is – will Peter agree to keep quiet about his sister’s murder? Or will he go to the police?