EastEnders’ Jacqueline: ‘All Lauren cares about is drink’

Jacqueline Jossa talks to Soaplife about Lauren’s drinking in EastEnders… She doesn’t think she’s an alcoholic – she thinks her only problem is that everyone’s trying to stop her drinking!

Isn’t Lauren alarmed about the amount she’s drinking?
“She doesn’t see it as a problem. Lauren believes she’s only drinking as much as anyone else.”

But she must realise it’s serious when Tanya locks her in the house to keep her away from booze?
“She’s annoyed that Tanya thinks she needs to be locked up because in her head Lauren can stop drinking whenever she wants – she just doesn’t want to. She really believes she’s not an addict like her Aunt Rainie.”

But Lauren’s got some vodka hidden away…
“Tanya’s devastated when she realises Lauren’s still drinking and finally admits to herself that her daughter is an alcoholic.”

Tanya gets rid of all the booze in the house and Lauren starts getting withdrawal symptoms…
“Lauren feels light-headed and queasy, but at first she doesn’t really take it seriously. Booze is her medicine and she knows that she’ll feel OK once she’s had a drink.”

But she can’t get hold of a drink…
“So she climbs out of her bedroom window. Max catches her and Lauren says she’d rather be dead than locked up. She means it. She runs off and Tanya tells Max to let her go…”

What will it take for Lauren to realise she needs help?
“She doesn’t become aware of how intense her problem is, but Kirsty does. Kirsty knows addiction and can spot the signs. It’s Kirsty who makes Max realise that Lauren needs help.”

Is Lauren ready to let Max help her?
“She sees Max is on her side, which is nice, but that is too much pressure on her. She doesn’t think she can stop drinking and is scared she’ll let everyone down.”

Is Lauren in danger?
“Yes, but the problem is she doesn’t care. The only thing she cares about is drink…”


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