EastEnders’ Jacqueline: ‘I’m a big fan of Jamie Lomas’

Jacqueline Jossa explains to Soaplife why teenage alcoholic Lauren’s return to Albert Square doesn’t go to plan in BBC1’s EastEnders next week. That is, until she meets a handsome stranger at her counselling session…

What makes Lauren return to the Square?
“She feels ready to. Being away is not helping her any more and she feels like she needs to be around people she loves.”

She was very ill when she left. Is she really ready to return?
“She’s following a plan set for her, she’s keeping herself busy, she has started running to sort herself out with… she’s just focusing on stuff like that so she has good energy out there.”

But does she feel good when she walks in on Max and Kirsty kissing?
“It’s just a little bit awkward! She’s like: ‘Am I in the way a bit? Am I ruining things for other people?'”

So why does she give them her blessing to get back together?
“Max is fussing around Lauren too much; he won’t let her go anywhere. She just thinks, ‘God, he needs a woman in his life!'”

Does Lauren need Joey? She nearly hits the booze again when she finds out he slept with Whitney…
“As long as Lauren and Joey are in the Square together, they’re going to have feelings for each other. There’s a lot of unfinished business, but for their own safety and their own health maybe it isn’t the right time.”
Soaplife has heard that Lauren will be getting friendly with newcomer Jake Stone… What’s it like working with Jamie Lomas who plays him?
“He’s really cool. He’s so excited and gives off a really good energy. I’m a big fan of his.”


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