EastEnders’ Jake: ‘Max does something silly during his murder trial!’

Max’s murder trial reaches its conclusion and viewers can expect unpredictable drama and big shocks, EastEnders’ Jake Wood tells Soaplife…

It’s amazing how Max Branning has managed to look so guilty for a crime he didn’t commit. But now he needs to adopt an innocent face because he’s about to stand trial, and there are a few surprises in store – such as Jane Beale’s shock testimony, which she makes in a bid to ensure that Max walks free.

What does Max make of Jane’s (Laurie Brett) shock testimony?
“He doesn’t know why she’s saying it and he doesn’t understand her motives. It makes him feel a little bit out of control. All these things are happening in the Square and he can’t do anything about them.”

Does Max cope with the pressure of the trial?
“No. At one point, he just cracks. He does something silly and he doesn’t think of the consequences or how it could affect the outcome. I can’t tell you much, but it’s very dramatic.”

Why does Max turn to Stacey for help?
“He and Stacey [Lacey Turner] have always had a connection. Despite everything, there’s a friendship there and he feels he can trust her. He prays that she’ll believe him when he says he had nothing to do with Lucy’s murder and he’s innocent.”

If Max is set free, what sort of a future can he expect?
“I hope he’d get back to having a good relationship with his daughters. He’s lost everything: his house, his car… everything! He’s at rock bottom and he’d have to start all over again.”

How would he react if he found out that Bobby killed Lucy?
“That would be a shock, but a relief, too, as it would get him off the hook. If he did find out, I think he’d go straight to the police and tell them. He’d be really upset if he ever discovered Lauren [Jacqueline Jossa] knows the truth.”

How would you describe the trial in three words?
“Shocking, unpredictable… dramatic!”

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