EastEnders’ Jake on Max’s dark secrets

EastEnders‘ Jake Wood tells Soaplife that Max’s life in Manchester with dastardly Derek is about to catch up with him in Walford – and it stops him saying ‘yes’ when Tanya asks him to marry her…

So how does Tanya come to propose to Max?

“It’s the culmination of an argument that ends up on the dining room table in a passionate way! Tanya uses the impetus and proposes to Max – but he hesitates and that upsets her.”

Why does Max hesitate?

“He tells her that it’s what he wants, but he wanted to propose to her. To make it really special. He’s thinking on his feet and Tanya absolutely believes him.”

It’s not the truth, though, is it?

“There may be one or two hurdles in the way of Max marrying Tanya. It could be to do with something that happened while he was away in Manchester with Derek.”

What kind of hurdles? Does Max already have a wife hidden away?

“I can’t tell you what the problem is but I can tell you it is massive.”

Is Max afraid that Derek will reveal his Manchester secret?

“Derek is using it as a stick to beat Max with. He keeps threatening to tell Tanya and Max doesn’t want that so he’s allowing Derek to have a hold over him.”

Can we hope to see a Max and Tany wedding soon?

“We’ll have to wait and see if they get that far! I know there are big things happening in the autumn, in the build up to Christmas.”

But Jo Joyner [Tanya] is leaving. Won’t that finish their relationship?

“It depends on how they write Jo out. She’s having a break to spend time with her babies so she will be back.”

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