EastEnders actor Jake Wood talks to Soaplife magazine about how Max still loves Tanya – yet proposes to Vanessa!

So Max and Tanya kissed after his car accident and now Vanessa wants to know if he still loves his ex-wife…
“Yes and Max does the usual thing of telling the truth to cover a lie. He explains that with Tanya it’s an emotional game of cat and mouse, but he stops short of admitting that he still loves her. He does and he always has.”

So why on earth does he propose to Vanessa?!
“I think it’s partly to make Tanya jealous; to drag her feelings out. Also, I think he believes that if he proposes to Vanessa, it will help with his feelings for Tanya.”

Does he regret the proposal the morning after?
“He feels a bit overwhelmed because Jodie starts getting excited and people are looking at the idea of this big wedding. It starts to get out of hand.”

Can you see them marrying?
“In that moment, it feels right. They’re talking, it’s very intimate and he loves Vanessa. But Max is going to go all out to pursue Tanya.”

She’s married to Greg!
“Max doesn’t see Greg as a real threat. Tanya has said they’re trying for a baby, but Max thinks she’s only doing that to keep Greg happy. He’s pretty sure that Tanya has got strong feelings for him and, as long as he thinks that, he’ll keep fighting to get her back.”

So it’s really cruel to propose to Vanessa…
“I do think he’s treating Vanessa really badly. She’s been the one who’s lifted him out of depression and supported him after Bradley’s death. She hasn’t done anything wrong and they’re good together, but he wants Tanya. I can’t see things working out between Vanessa and Max.”

So what’s his plan of action?
“Just to get closer to Tanya until something happens.”

Is something going to happen?
“It certainly looks as if things are heading that way. Max has always had affairs, so maybe he is going to have one with Tanya…”