EastEnders’ Jake Wood: ‘Max moves Kirsty back in!’

EastEnders’ Jake Wood tells Soaplife that Max promises to give it another go with Kirsty… But he reveals that he’ll never love her the way he loves Tanya!

Max is stunned when the court case against him collapses and he’s so delighted to be free he makes all kinds of promises to Kirsty… But whether he can keep them is another matter. “He’s relieved and overjoyed when he’s freed,” Jake tells Soaplife. “He’s willing to give it another go with Kirsty.” But he doesn’t know she’s just slept with Carl – yet…

Does Max know his family’s broke?
“No, because they’ve kept that from him. He has no idea the bailiffs are circling. If he knew, he’d feel very guilty and concerned.”

So he has no idea Kirsty’s turned to Carl in desperation?
“No. He’s blissfully unaware of everything that’s been going on while he was in prison. He deliberately kept himself apart from them all – Kirsty and the girls.”

What happens between Max and Kirsty?
“When he gets out, Max tells Kirsty he loves her, but I’m not sure how deep that goes. He certainly doesn’t love her in the same way he loves Tanya. He’ll always feel sorry for Kirsty and responsible for her. She has nowhere else to go. She has been brilliant with the girls while he’s been away.”

And he sees his future with Kirsty now?
“He’s going to give it a go. He asks Kirsty to move back in with him, although he’s slightly detached with her and can’t emotionally connect. He thinks it’s because of the shock of everything that’s gone on. But things start to emerge and we’ll have to see if he is willing to work at it or not.”

Will this experience change him?
“Yes. For the foreseeable future, Max is going to concentrate on being a good dad. But Max being Max, that might not last forever…”


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