EastEnders’ Jamie: ‘Jake’s married, but keeps it quiet’

Jamie Lomas reveals to Soaplife there’s more to romeo Jake than meets the eye in EastEnders… a lot more!

So, Jake likes the ladies…
“Yes, he’s a bit of a womaniser. He’s also a recovering alcoholic. He’s got a dark past and is a bit of a lad. He’s a little bit mad and there are a lot of underlying issues with him… demons if you like.”

He’s taken a shine to Lauren, but she spots his wedding ring… Where’s his wife?
“Do you know, they’re keeping it very secretive and not telling me much! Yes, Jake is married, but he doesn’t talk about his wife at first.’

Lauren’s clearly not happy he’s married… Does Jake fancy her?
“She’s very attractive, but she’s quite young. It’s a gradual thing between them. Jake doesn’t have an ulterior motive in getting to know her – he’s not hiding the fact that he’s married because he’s just trying to help her and be a friend. That’s what recovering alcoholics do. They try and be there to support each other.”

Can you give us any hints about what’s coming up for Jake?
“I don’t know his full journey yet. However, I’m going through scripts now and saying ‘Yes! Yes!’ There’s some really exciting stuff ahead.”


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