EastEnders‘ newcomer Derek Branning will bring even more ‘danger’ and ‘destruction’ to Albert Square, actor Jamie Foreman has hinted.

The Layer Cake actor, who has joined the BBC One soap as the eldest Branning brother, has promised lots of trouble with the bad boy’s return.

“Derek Branning is going to be one of those characters that’s going to really set things alight in the Square,” he said in a behind-the-scenes video on EastEnders’ official website.

“When I was asked to play the part, they told me that he was dangerous, destructive and sexy. Well, I haven’t seen much of the sexy, but I’ve seen lots of the dangerous and lots of the destructive!”

He added: “I think he’s one of those characters you’re going to love to hate. You never know what he’s going to do next. And I’m just waiting for little old ladies to come and beat me with their handbags!”

Jamie, who had a cameo role in EastEnders in 1991, described his return as a ‘baptism of fire’.

“It’s been manic and very hectic. It’s been like a baptism of fire for me,” he admitted.

As a fan of EastEnders, the actor revealed his new job is ‘quite a weird experience’.

“It’s so iconic and you’re so used to watching it on TV, so when you arrive, you feel like you know it. It was very exciting and it made me feel like I was at home, having lived with it in my living room all these years.”