EastEnders hardman Phil Mitchell gets a flying fist in his face, when Jane Beale lashes out.

A furious Jane, played by Laurie Brett, throws a punch at Phil (Steve McFadden) after he forces her to admit that her stepson Bobby killed Lucy.

Jane Beale and Phil Mitchell in EastEnders

Jane Beale doesn’t hold back (BBC)


Phil, who has demanded to find out the truth about Lucy’s death in April 2014, also insists they go to the police in scenes to screen on EastEnders tonight.

Laurie previously told Radio Times that Jane, who has been protecting Bobby and kept his involvement in Lucy’s death a secret, is ‘pushed to the brink’.

“I think she’s cracking now. She’s held this secret the longest and things are now unravelling,” she explained.

“Since she told Ian (Beale), everything has gone pear-shaped. I don’t know why she bothered! It’s the stress, lack of sleep, plus the pressure with everything that’s happening on screen now.”

Phil Mitchell confronts Jane Beale

Phil wants to know how Lucy died (Kieron McCarron/BBC)


Laurie, 46, teased there are more dramatic scenes to come with her character.

She hinted: “She feels responsible for everything. The guilt that she feels does push her a bit further and there is stuff coming up in the next few weeks where Jane is on her own and isolated and trying to put things right in some crazy way…”