EastEnders’ Jase: Hunk or punk?

He’s cute, he strips and women lust after him, but is Jase good or bad to the bone? New EastEnders actor Stephen Lord reveals all.

Just who is the broodingly sexy, highly attractive Jase?

“He’s Jay’s dad and Bert’s son-in-law. He turns up in Walford out of the blue and wants to see his boy.”

What reaction does he get from Jay and Bert?

“Shock! But when they get over that it’s obvious Jay’s happy to see his dad but Bert’s not so sure. First off he wants convincing he is definitely Jay’s dad!”

So does Bert think Jase is a bad lot?

“The truth is Bert doesn’t really know Jase. They’ve not had much to do with each other. He just assumes Jase is up to no good.”

And is he right?

“Well you can see why Bert thinks that – there’s definitely something of the dark horse about Jase. He doesn’t give much away.”

You’re not giving much away either are you?

“I don’t want to spoil it! You’ll find out about Jase soon enough…”

Was Jase with Jay when Jay’s mum died of breast cancer?

“No he hasn’t had much to do with his son. When Jay asks him where he’s been he tells him he’s been working on the cross Channel ferries, but that he’s had enough of it.”

Is that what he’s really been doing?

“Maybe… maybe not!”

Why has he chosen to turn up now?

“He just thinks the time is right to get to know and bring up his son. He genuinely wants to be there for Jay and be part of his life.”

Bert packs his bags and leaves. Is that part of Jase’s plan?

“It’s nothing to do with Jase. Bert just thinks he’s not needed now Jase is around to look after Jay.”

Jase looks like a ladies’ man, is he?

“He doesn’t go out with the intention of pulling as many women as he can but women do seem to be attracted to him. He can be very charming when he wants to be.”

He’s sounds like he’s going to be trouble!

“I’d say he’s very unpredictable which makes people quite wary of him. As to whether he’s a dangerous out-and-out criminal I’m not telling!”

Jase gets his kit off in the launderette. Are you looking forward to becoming EE’s new hunk?

“What will be will be!”

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