EastEnders’ Jasmyn: ‘Alice could do something stupid’

Jasmyn Banks warns Soaplife that while nanny Alice is devoted to baby Scarlett and has a soft spot for Michael she does have a dark side – and she won’t be afraid to show it in EastEnders!

Why is Alice helping Michael fight Janine?
“Alice got a bad impression of her. Janine abandoned her little girl, then came back and took the baby away from her father, Michael. Alice wants to impress him and she loves Scarlett. Alice grew up without a father and feels passionately that Scarlett deserves to have a dad.”

Is Alice in love with Michael?
“She might be, but she’d never admit it. She really cares about him.”

Does she realise she’s being used by Michael?
“Alice wants to do anything she can to make Michael happy so she wouldn’t see it as being used.”

Then Alice has lunch with Janine and things change a bit, don’t they?
“Alice has been intimidated by Janine in the past, but she gets a pep talk from Michael and decides to stand her ground a bit. Janine’s impressed and the two of them start to get along really well. Alice sees that Janine’s a good mum to Scarlett.”

Does this mean that Alice doesn’t want to help Michael any more?
“Alice is the sort of person who wants to do the right thing; seeing a different side to Janine confuses her. She does try to refuse Michael’s demands, but he manages to win her around.”

How does Alice feel about being caught in the battle between Janine and Michael?
“She finds it stressful and overwhelming. She doesn’t like lying and sneaking around behind people’s backs. It’s not who she is. If she didn’t care about Scarlett so much she’d just walk away.”

Could Michael ever persuade Alice to do something terrible – like kidnap Scarlett?
“He could. I can’t ever see Alice standing up to Michael and refusing his demands point blank. She’d never want to hurt Scarlett, but she is naive enough to be talked into doing something stupid…”


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