EastEnders’ Jasmyn: ‘Alice will make Derek pay’

EastEnders‘ new girl Jasmyn Banks reveals to Soaplife that Derek’s daughter, Alice, is sweet and shy, but her Branning blood means she’s no pushover!

Alice’s first meeting with her dad didn’t go well, but she’s giving him another chance. Only Derek blows it by being late for the Branning family party because the police show up to search his place for his stash of dodgy booze. They don’t find it, but the damage is done. “By the time Derek shows up Alice is leaving in a cab,” says EastEnders newcomer Jasmyn, 21. Will he get a third chance? Jasmyn’s counting on it…

Why has Alice agreed to come and meet the Brannings?

“Derek says he wants the chance to put things right. Alice didn’t even know she had an extended family until she came looking for her father. She’s grown up with her mum and her brother Joey and all she’s been told is her dad’s a criminal and he’s been in prison. He never even sent her birthday cards.”

What’s Alice like?

“She’s been wrapped in cotton wool all of her life. She’s smart, intuitive, selfless, but not too confident. She doesn’t like to be the centre of attention.”

Does Derek being a crook put her off?

“She’s not the sort of person to accept criminal activity. When she was following Derek round the Square before introducing herself she did think he looked a bit scary. But when she finally talked to him she saw a softer side which she likes.”

Is she nervous about meeting the rest of the Brannings?

“She’s petrified. When she gets there it’s all a bit crazy. They’re arguing and being very full-on. Dot feeds her cakes and Tanya has a word with Alice about what Derek is really like. We don’t hear what Tanya says, but Cora assures Alice he’s a decent man. Alice wants to make up her own mind about him, though.”

But Derek gets delayed by the cops. How does Alice feel when he doesn’t show up?

“She’s really upset and humiliated. And when he does eventually arrive it’s too late as she’s leaving. Derek tries to stop her, but she’s not interested.”

Will she give him another chance?

“She might do. She’s not the sort of girl who likes being taken for a ride so she’ll make Derek pay and go out of her way to make sure he doesn’t hurt her. She’ll want him to leave all his dodgy deals behind, though. There’s potential for some tension there.”