EastEnders’ Jo hopes Tanya & Sharon will be mates

Jo Joyner has revealed Tanya Branning and Sharon Watts’ initial clash could be the start of a beautiful friendship on EastEnders.

Letitia Dean returns to Albert Square next Monday and her character Sharon and fellow feisty lady Tanya (Jo Joyner) do not get off to the best of starts when Tanya walks in to find Sharon in a state of undress with her husband Max.

After Sharon flees her wedding, knight in shining armour Max offers to lend her a change of clothes – and gives her the run of Tanya’s wardrobe.

Jo revealed: “We definitely start things off a little bit ropey. They start off definitely a bit rocky like anyone would with Tanya if they’ve been found in her kitchen with their husband, especially someone as gorgeous as Tish.

“But it’s been really, really good fun. We’ve worked together quite a bit recently and I’ve loved it because she’s lovely to work with.

“We’ve had some very feisty moments and they are just finding their ground and circling each other for a bit and then they end up quite getting on.”

Letitia added: “Tanya comes home and she’s like, ‘What are you doing in my clothes? What’s that about?!’

“It’s great because they’re both quite feisty and I’m hoping that they’ll end up being quite good friends. They are circling each other, that’s been great fun to play.”

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