EastEnders star John Partridge has hinted that gay couple Christian Clarke and Syed Masood could reunite at Christmas.

The actor, who plays Christian, assured that their forthcoming split won’t be the be-all and end-all, after his alter-ego packs his bags and leaves Albert Square and his partner (Marc Elliott) after being accused of molesting Ben Mitchell.

“Don’t worry, there can only be one mother of a make-up after the mother of all break-ups. The pair have a definite split, but there’s so much more to come,” he told Inside Soap.

“When will I be back? Here’s a clue… Jingle Bells! This isn’t the end for Christian and Syed. We’re filming Christmas at the moment and I’m back, but who knows for how long…” he added.

John – who in real life married his long-term partner, actor Jon Tsouras in September – explained that the soap couple’s relationship had been pushed to breaking point, thanks to the return of Syed’s estranged wife Amira and Yusef.

“They’re on very rocky ground. Up until now, Christian has been holding on to the fact that they really love each other – but he feels that every time the finger of blame is pointed at him, it’s never Syed’s first instinct to trust Christian,” he continued.

“It’s hard for him to go, but he and Syed have said some unspeakable things to each other.”