EastEnders’ Kate Magowan: ‘Sadie means business!’

Kate Magowan tells Soaplife there’s a reason sexy Sadie Young has come to Walford – and it’s not just to open a beauty salon!

So what’s the mystery with new EastEnders character Sadie?
“She’s a brilliant businesswoman, a real people person, but someone who doesn’t give anything away about herself. She’s a mum and, like all working mums, she’s spinning plates… But she has to make this business work.”

And yet she’s already clashing with staff and potential customers…
“She goes in and makes mistakes, misjudges people. She’s used to doing business a certain way and they do things differently in Walford. She thinks she’ll have to lick Poppy and Lola into shape and they don’t like that. She’s had a bit of a fall out with Ian, too, but now she thinks he could be useful.”

He’s not the bloke who has caught her eye, though, is he?
“She’s not actually for meeting men; she’s just focused on making the salon a success. She does lead AJ and Jack down the garden path. AJ she swats away… And she doesn’t really go very far with Jack.”

What about the Walford women? Is there anybody she connects with?
“She doesn’t make any close friends early on, but she will be somebody who brings women together. She will have allies in time.”

So what’s in store for Sadie?
“Lots! There are some really lovely storylines coming up – and some meatier stuff that I can’t wait to get my teeth into!”