EastEnders’ Kellie Bright reveals what she really thinks about acting with Danny Dyer

EastEnders actress Kellie Bright, who plays Linda Carter, describes her on-screen husband Danny Dyer as “10 million times nicer” than she initially thought he would be and says he fits the bill as the “ideal TV husband”.

“I didn’t think he’d be an ogre, but I thought he’d maybe be a little arrogant and selfish,” Kellie explains.

“But he’s a dream. He’s 10 million times nicer than I thought he was going to be. In fact, I couldn’t have asked for a better TV husband.”

Kellie also reveals she hopes the Carters would remain loyal to one another, unlike other couples in the soap.

“Danny and I would really fight for them to stay faithful. We’re both absolutely adamant that that’s how we want it to be. If either Mick or Linda had an affair, it would be a cop-out,” she says.

Since arriving in Walford over Christmas 2013, Kellie’s character has tackled dramatic storylines including her son Johnny, who is played by Sam Strike, coming out as gay.

Talking about the hard-hitting plot, Kellie revealed she doesn’t agree with Linda’s old-fashioned views but thinks it is a fair portrayal of parents in a similar situation.

“I don’t have the same opinions as Linda and I was a bit concerned about how it would come across,” she says.

“But you have to be able to reach everybody who watches the show and it wouldn’t have been truthful if all the Carters had been pleased that Johnny is gay.”

The 37-year-old TV star added: “Linda wouldn’t say she was homophobic, she just doesn’t want it to be her son, which I believe is a far more common reaction of parents than we think.”

EastEnders continues on BBC1, Monday, June 30, 8.00pm

– Press Association