Kevin’s big secret is about to come out. And the fallout leaves him so heartbroken he leaves Walford! Phil Daniels explains all…

Kevin Wicks’ family is the most important thing in the world to him. But a dark secret threatens to break up his happy home, doesn’t it?
“Kevin’s known all along that if he told Deano and Carly his secret it would destroy the happy family life he had with them and he didn’t want that. That happiness meant everything to him. He knew he’d have to tell them one day, but there was never a right time.”

Deano and Carly force the secret out of him, don’t they?
“It’s a shattering thing he tells them and they react badly. He’s left feeling his kids hate him.”

So, come on then, what’s the big secret? Is it something to do with Jimbo, Kevin’s son who died years ago?
“It’s not exactly to do with Jimbo, although he does come into the equation. And no, before you ask, Kevin didn’t kill him. He died because he was very ill.”

Deano tries to kill himself by taking pills and setting the car lot on fire but Kevin manages to get to him in the nick of time. What effect does this have on Kevin?
“He feels absolutely terrible when he realises what this has pushed Deano to. He’d never have forgiven himself if he hadn’t intervened and Deano had gone ahead. It doesn’t bear thinking about.”

Carly isn’t exactly overjoyed by the news either and when it all gets too much for Kev he flees the square in his car, doesn’t he?
“Carly and Deano don’t want to know him and he feels he needs to get away and clear his head. He drives off and goes somewhere where nobody will track him down.”

When will Kevin be back?
“He’ll be away for as long as it takes to think things through. He needs space and it’s obvious his kids do too. And he needs to be away from Shirley.”

Does Kevin blame Shirley for what’s gone wrong?
“He hates her more than ever now and blames this all on her. If she’d stayed away everything would be fine.”