EastEnders’ Lacey Turner talks to Soaplife about Stacey’s dramatic return and reveals that jailbird Stacey may not be behind bars for much longer…

Stacey Branning is on her way back to Walford. Although she wants to serve out her prison sentence for killing Archie Mitchell, she has second thoughts when her mum Jean, who’s looking after Stacey’s daughter, Lily, suggests there’s a way out, then collapses and ends up in hospital. “All Stacey wants is a fresh start for her and Lily,” Lacey tells Soaplife. But how exactly is she going to break free?

Why is Stacey insisting on being punished for killing Archie?

“She wants to get rid of that cloud hanging over her head and start again. The only way she thought she could do that was to confess to everything. But Jean has a suggestion, a way for her to get out of prison. At first, Stacey doesn’t like it. But, as bad things happens, she decides it may be best to be free.”

Does Stacey realise Jean (Gillian Wright) is struggling to care for Lily?

“Jean and Lily visit Stacey in prison and she doesn’t think anything is wrong. She’s noticed a few changes in Jean’s behaviour, but they’re very subtle.”

Then Jean collapses and ends up in hospital…

“Kat [Jesse Wallace] finds Jean out cold and, when Stacey hears about it, it sends her into a panic, as it would do.”

And Stacey’s escorted from prison to visit Jean. How long are is she back for?

“For a while. I’m not going anywhere just yet.”

So, what’s in store for Stacey?

“I don’t know. I’d like her to be happy, but you never know what they’re thinking of upstairs…”

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