EastEnders’ Larry: ‘My dad was evil’

EastEnders star Larry Lamb has revealed he based his character on his “evil” father.

The veteran actor – who plays manipulative Archie Mitchell in the BBC1 soap – has spoken candidly about his relationship with his father on Richard And Judy’s New Position.

Larry, who also stars in the BBC comedy Gavin and Stacey, described his father Ronald as “evil” and told Richard and Judy how similar he was to Archie saying that it was “exactly the sort of trips my father used” and that he “spent a lot of time with a shrink talking about this”.

Larry told how he confronted his father saying: “He had wrecked so many people’s lives, including mine, and as I said to him at the time, ‘if you want to start playing the truth game with me, now’s not a good time because I’m carrying 49 years.

“I remember, 49 years of it with me, I’ve had you for 49 years. And if you want to hear the truth boy you’re going to hear the truth, so just lean off’.”

When asked if he spoke to his father again, Larry replied” “no, ever” and also admitted that he “absolutely didn’t go to his funeral”.

The full interview airs at 8pm tonight (December 2). Richard And Judy’s New Position is shown weeknights exclusively on Watch.

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