EastEnders’ Letitia Dean on Sharon finding her dad: ‘Being a manipulative villain suits Paul Nicholas!’

Letitia Dean tells Soaplife how Sharon feels about vicious villain Gavin Sullivan being her dad in EastEnders

So, what does Sharon make of Gavin being her father?
“She didn’t see it coming, that’s for sure. She has always wondered who her real dad was and then she meets him in the kitchen, where he’s threatening to kill everybody.  She is married to Phil [Steve McFadden], though, so it’s not like she doesn’t have experience with bad men.”

So she believes he’s telling the truth?
“Yes. It was when Gavin [Paul Nicholas] called her ‘princess’ that clinched it. How could he have known about that otherwise? That term used to be used with affection, but all of a sudden it became creepy.”

Is Sharon in any way pleased to have found her father?
“She felt like she had run out of options and had hit a break wall. She was never going to forget about searching for her real dad so, in some respects, it is a result, although she might regret that she bothered looking in the first place.”

How do you think Sharon and Gavin will get on?
“I am not sure what kind of relationship they could have. She is completely torn about keeping in touch with Gavin… What he has done to Phil has rocked her to the core. She thought he had killed Phil, but at the end of the day, it’s all about family and he is in her blood. I think she’ll want answers from him.”

And Kathy’s her stepmum now!
“I don’t think Sharon will ever accept that. They have a long history and Sharon thinks Kathy [Gillian Taylforth] is great at wrapping men around her little finger and acting like a victim. Don’t hold out for spa weekends and girly shopping trips any time soon.”

How does Kathy feel?
“She thinks it’s one of Gavin’s games and doesn’t believe he is Sharon’s dad.”

And what about Phil?
“Phil doesn’t care if Gavin is the King of England, he wants him gone. He put Phil through hell and he doesn’t want the man anywhere near his family.”

What’s it like working with Paul Nicholas?
“It’s lovely. I think being a terrible, manipulative villain really suits him!”

What about Sharon’s birth mother, Carol?
“Sharon doesn’t know anything about Carol’s relationship with Gavin, but she will get answers – although they might not be the ones she wants to hear.”

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